For everyone whosoever, who shall call on the name of the Lord, shall be saved.

Family is at the heart of everything we believe and everything we do

Through our faith we are inspired to be good and caring neighbours

We endeavour to live in the generous and caring spirit of Christ our saviour



1. “Computers an instrument of the devil” Computers are used extensively in PBCC homes, businesses and schools. It is undeniable that throughout society many lives have been damaged through the unsuitable content and contact they deliver into homes.
2. Alleged threats, intimidation and bullying of Charity Commission False. Negotiations between the PBCC and the Charity Commission were primarily conducted between lawyers, in a spirit of courtesy and co-operation.
3. “Serious emotional suffering by current and former members” We are sympathetic with any emotional suffering. The PBCC has acknowledged instances where there has been unfair treatment in the past, has apologised to those concerned and endeavoured to make amends.
4. Censoring of text books We rely on our non-PBCC professional teachers to select whatever text books they need to deliver the curriculum. Books are not censored.
5. Evolution and fossil fuels Evolution is taught by professional teachers as a valid scientific theory. We have no difficulty teaching about fossils and fossil fuels.
6. Sexual reproduction Sexual reproduction is taught and science books are not censored.
7. Casual classroom racism Robust policies are in place in every school to prevent racism, and deal with any incidents.
8. Relentless lobbying of MPs False. Most MPs welcomed PBCC members and shared their concern about the PBCC’s potential loss of charitable status by the Charity Commission. We respected without reservation the wishes of those that did not?
9. Charity Commission “struck a deal” False. The Charity Commission made its decision independently after conducting a full review, which took over one year and included examining extensive evidence including allegations by former members.
10. “£13 million p.a. tax relief” PBCC charities, like thousands of other charities, make legitimate use of government tax concessions. PBCC businesses contribute significantly to tax revenues and the PBCC community makes relatively few demands on benefits because of full employment, negligible crime and low demand on social care. By providing education the PBCC is further saving the taxpayer at least £15 million.
11. Cash funnelled to leader in Australia All donations to church workers are from the ‘Church plate’ from taxed income. Giving to others is part of our ethos and follows the pattern of the early Christian church: “…your free-hearted liberality in communicating towards them and towards all.” (2 Corinthians 9:13)
12. Cult like oppression False. The Times has no evidence for this defamatory statement. The PBCC is a mainstream Christian church.

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