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  • Quote from Times Article

Life at Britain’s 34 Brethren Schools appears idyllic. Numerous inspection reports praise the quality of teaching, the well-behaved pupils and the comprehensive facilities. Academic results at the schools run privately by the Exclusive Brethren, also known as the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, are excellent, with 83 per cent of pupils obtaining five A*-C grades in English and maths, compared with a 56 per cent national average.”


  • Our Response

THE TIMES has relied primarily on the testimony of former teachers for a two page article derogating schools run by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC). In the article The Times refers to the claims of “Eight former teachers at Brethren schools, most of whom left in the past two years”.  Yet The Times made no approach to any of the 34 successful PBCC schools throughout Britain, and did not consult any of their 500 or so teachers, or any of the school trustees, or parents, for current evidence. The article is therefore very far from being an objective report, which raises the question about The Times’ real motive in attacking a small group of successful faith schools.




1. Article title “Sect Took £500,000 from taxpayer…” This title is misleading.  It refers to a historic, legitimate arrangement that applied only to further education, not to school age students.
2. Text book pages ripped out/glued together We rely on our professional non-Brethren teachers to select whatever material they need to deliver the curriculum within the ethos of our schools.
3. Children “taught to be deeply suspicious of scientific principles” Vague inaccurate statement from disaffected former teacher.
4. Children “scared of biology” Biology is a popular subject and exam results are excellent.  86% of students gained A*-C grades in Science in 2014 against a national average of 59%.
5. 2013 list of unsuitable books As explained to the Times in a recent interview, “the book list you refer to was withdrawn’.
6. Brethren elders take PE lessons False. FLT Schools employ professional non-brethren PE teachers.
7. Western Life expectancy The PBCC does not hold or teach that faith or lack of faith directly affects life expectancy.
8. Recordings of Mr Hales played to children This is not part of the Bible Studies curriculum,
9. School bus journey times Many parents are prepared to allow longer travel times than usual for an excellent education. In fact the average travel time to PBCC schools is approx. 30 minutes and we would regard “two hours” as unworkable.
10. Mrs Turner Mrs Turner resigned in 2006 following an investigation into her conduct. Her credibility and motivation must be understood in this context.
11. Children leave…”not equipped with the skills” False. FLT Schools are frequently praised by education professionals and in Inspection Reports for the thorough development of pupil’s life skills.
12. Girls and Boys prevented from talking to one another False.
13. Endemic bullying, racism, and homophobia False. Professional teachers would not, and do not tolerate discrimination in any form. Robust policies are in place in every school to prevent this, and to deal with any incidents.

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