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PBCC Response – SMH and THE AGE ARTICLES by Michael Bachelard – 19th September 2015


On 18 and 19 September 2015 articles appeared in the press about a meeting in the United Kingdom during which Mr Bruce Hales responded to questions raised by a member of the congregation about assisting a troubled young person and Brethren member.

The young man was described as being in torment because of his links with persons opposed to the Church.

Mr Hales advised the member to go as far as possible to assist the young man and to keep appealing to him and to try to show him the right way.

He then went on to compare persons under discipline or opposed as poison that is very difficult to eradicate and noted that the young man had been poisoned in that respect – like a shot of arsenic.

The media characterisation of Mr Hales’ advice about this young man was thus highly misleading and unfair.

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