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B.D. Hales

B.D. Hales portrait

Bruce David Hales lives with his wife of 42 years Jenny in Sydney. They have six married children and fourteen grandchildren.

Bruce is the most senior leader in the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church and travels and serves extensively within the Church. Some of his gospel preachings have been printed in tract form and are available for all.

Bruce was born in Croydon, Sydney, in 1953. He is the third son of John S. Hales and Helen Hales (née Dietrich). He attended Croydon Park Public School and Canterbury Boys High School where he gained the Higher School Certificate with high levels in English, Mathematics, Modern History, French and Science. He then studied Accountancy while working in the city for a reputable accounting firm before joining his father’s small accountancy practice in 1972. He qualified as a Registered Tax Agent, Public Accountant and Company Auditor at the end of 1976. He went on to manage the practice with a number of highly qualified staff.

In 1983 he completed the sale of the accountancy practice but continued on as a financial advisor and auditor. He then bought an office furniture business which he managed up to the early 2000’s. This business was then taken over and he resigned from all active and direct involvement.

From an early age, Bruce set himself to help others and has used his means and resources to that end. He takes great care and interest in young people’s schooling and tertiary education in order to develop their potential.

Many from within and outside the Church can testify to his generosity and willingness to pass on his knowledge and experience. Those who know him are inspired by his leadership, his administrative ability and his capacity to attend to detail and see matters through to completion.

Having been born into the PBCC, Bruce had a very strong Christian upbringing. His commitment to the Church, and its Christian values is unwavering. He spends a lot of time sharing his views and his Christian faith and values with younger members of the PBCC.