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Have You Had a Transaction with Christ? – Bruce Hales

Gospel news for eternal salvation

Record of preaching in gospel hall by Bruce Hales

Luke 23: 41–43; Luke 7: 41, 42, 47, 48

These are very well-known passages.They came into one’s mind, thinking how we might come into the gain of a transaction with Christ. I think there was some reference in the earlier preachings to what it is to have a transaction with the Saviour. A transaction is not a passing matter, it’s something that’s accomplished that will stand. You might say, it really equates to a conversion. It’s a very real question how many of us have had a real transaction with Christ.Very serious matter, specially in youth.See, you might get convicted, you might get some touch in your soul, even in a preaching like this, something might catch your attention, but it’s not strong enough, not powerful enough, to bring you into touch with Christ. It’s when your soul meets God, has a meeting with God.

I thought of this man here, this robber. This was a very dark hour, I suppose the darkest hour in the whole history of time, Jesus being crucified. What a unique picture, what a picture to keep indelibly in our hearts, the picture of the cross, the Lord of glory hanging here, everyone discerning Him: Lord of glory, Creator of the universe, Originator of life, Saviour of sinners. He came in grace to meet man. That’s Luke’s gospel, the Lord coming in grace. He was rejected, He was the rejected Messiah, He was Israel’s hope, but they rejected Him. The Jews hated Him, and in their malice He was crucified. This man had his eyes opened, he was enlightened, the outshining of God shone into his heart. See, have you had that? Have you had your heart opened to receive an outshining? If you haven’t had it, you’re not converted, you’re not converted. The fact that you’re here in this room in a place of greatest favour means nothing, means nothing, except another lost opportunity if you don’t take advantage of it.

This man here, he was a thief. I think he would have known what violence was. He wasn’t self-righteous. How self-righteous we are. Every one of our hearts is capable of the greatest wickedness. Do you believe that? Do you believe that? I believe it, I’ve found it in my own heart; much more wickedness than you’ve found in your heart, I’ve found in mine. This robber wasn’t justifying himself, he wasn’t self-righteous, he was pointing to Christ. He said, This Man has done nothing amiss. He was singling Christ out at this greatest hour when the Lord was bearing the penalty;the only guiltless One, the only sinless One, the only One who was without sin. And the robber knew it, he says, This Man has done nothing amiss, this Man. There was no other man, there was no other man on the face of the earth that has done nothing amiss.This Man has done nothing amiss. And the robber singled Him out. And it’s at that point that he had a transaction with Christ, and he says, Remember me; it’s like a covenant, Remember me. Remember me, Lord, when Thou comest in Thy kingdom.His soul met with Jesus at this point. They came to break his legs, as was the common practice to the victims of crucifixion.He was still alive.The Lord had already gone into paradise.He says, Today thou shalt be with Me in paradise. He was the next one, you might say, ushered in, after Christ into paradise.

See, that was a transaction, that’s a transaction with Christ. Have you had it? Have you had it? If you haven’t had it, nothing is going to stop you going on in your sins, nothing is going to stop you going on in your lawlessness, and your self-will, and your utter selfishness, and self-righteousness.This man found it, he was a subject of a real conversion, a real conversion.You might say, it was a very late hour. Certainly it was; he stood out. He distinguished Christ, he pinned his whole faith on Christ, his whole faith was in Jesus, the One who was about to shed His blood, the One who was about to accomplish atonement, redemption, the work of redemption, complete. And this robber was in the gain of it.

Oh, you can find it today. Come, come the lowly way, come the way of lowliness, come the way of contrition, come the way of brokenness, like this woman did.I think she is another one.These, of course, are two of the landmarks of grace in Luke’s gospel, very beautiful. Simon missed everything. The Lord could see through Simon, the Lord could see through the woman, He knew what the woman was. The woman only had her eye on Christ, she wasn’t worried about Simon, she wasn’t worried about the cavillings—I remember someone spoke about that once, the callous cavillings of Simon—she only had her heart attached to Christ, she was attracted by Him. She would have come in touch with Him earlier, heard Him preaching, no doubt, and followed Him up. She wasn’t invited. She got in here, she wanted a pardon.See, a pardon is a transaction, it’s a real conversion.He says, she has loved much.The Lord says, she loved much; but he to whom little is forgiven loves little.Her many sins are forgiven;for she loved much.That’s a transaction.You might say, the creditor was there, God was there, in Jesus, outshining, He wasn’t imputing trespasses, He wasn’t asking for payment of the debt, He was there in forgiveness. And that’s where He is tonight, He is here, standing here towards you, based on the death of Jesus, offering you forgiveness. It’s a transaction, the forgiveness of sins is a transaction with Christ.Will you claim it?

This woman loved Christ, she was attracted to Him. Simon wasn’t. Simon would have admired Him, he would have known all the miracles He had done, he would have known His fame, and he would have added to his importance having Christ in his house.But he wasn’t attracted to Christ, he went out of this time, out of this scene here, without any real conversion. Wouldn’t hear of Simon again, his case was hardened. O friend, let none of our cases be hardened today, let us be softened. But to find what it is to have this transaction with Jesus. It’s a very real matter, a very real matter. I’d love to challenge every soul here, have you had it? Have you had it? Old and young, have you had it? This woman had it. The Lord says to her, Thy faith has saved thee;go in peace. He says, It’s your faith in Me, it’s the way you’ve loved Me, and the faith you’ve put in Me, that has given you peace, and you’re entitled to forgiveness. That was a transaction, because of her love, love for Christ, and she was attached to Him. He says, go in peace. Her whole way was mapped out for her. She had no doubts, she had no uncertainties.

Have you ever been like that in your life? Have you ever had it? I’ve had it, many times, every doubt removed, not an uncertainty, not an uncertainty in your life, even, you might say, in the presence of greatest opposition and greatest darkness, not the slightest doubt in your soul.That was this woman’s portion. Simon attacking her in the presence of Christ, she having perfect peace, because of what Christ had done for her, and what He meant to her. She wasn’t looking outside of Him for anything. May we find it today, may we search our souls, and search our hearts, until we find it.For His name’s sake.

Bruce Hales

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