We’re deeply family-oriented and family is central to our beliefs and way of life. We value the times we spend together and strive to ensure that our children grow up happy, loved and cherished. It’s a joy to watch them thrive within such a stable, caring community.


The PBCC community is integral to our way of life. We practice a lifestyle based upon the Holy Bible and socialise with those whom we share Holy Communion. Our community provides guidance to one another on how as Christians we can follow the word of God and make it applicable to everyday life.

Care and respect

As a community we’re caring and respectful of others and we recognise the rights of all humanity within society. We believe in the potential that every single human being has to lead a Christian lifestyle with enjoyment and authenticity.

Family life

Plymouth Brethren members have strong family values and raise their children in the same faith.

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A large group of Plymouth Brethren church members


We regard mutual Christian fellowship as an integral part of our way of life.

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Preaching the Gospel

We actively preach the Word of God to the broader community.

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Young man preaching the Bible to the public in France


We place great importance upon actively practising Christianity and for us this occurs in many ways.

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Caring for others

There is a strong and generous charitable spirit among Brethren, with many willingly devote their time contributing to philanthropic efforts to relieve the load on humanity.

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Young girl delivering flowers to elderly neighbour

For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps.

1 Peter 2 v 21