Gospel Hall of Plymouth Brethren church

A global standard

Brethren have a universal standard of design and construction for all new meeting hall facilities. Architects globally, along with our own in-house designers, have worked together to produce a standardised plan for simplicity of design, economies of scale and international convenience.

Whilst Brethren Meeting Halls may differ in outward design due to local conditions, the auditorium is designed with energy efficiency in mind and the acoustic wall treatment provides better hearing clarity in our conversational meetings. The large foyer areas help promote a family atmosphere and provide an excellent area to mingle and socialise after the service, especially in times of inclement weather.

All our building developments go through the normal planning approval process as required by local government and in consultation with local residents. We take steps to provide an external appearance that will fit in sympathetically with the local neighbourhood amenity. Our churches are approved by local government as places of public worship.

Much care and expense is incurred to ensure that sufficient off-street parking is provided and that the environment is cared for, respected and protected.

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God

2 Timothy 3 V 16