For everyone whosoever, who shall call on the name of the Lord, shall be saved.

Family is at the heart of everything we believe and everything we do

Through our faith we are inspired to be good and caring neighbours

We endeavour to live in the generous and caring spirit of Christ our saviour

Are the Plymouth Brethren a cult?

No, the Plymouth Brethren are not a cult. Established for over 180 years, the Brethren are a mainstream Christian Church that has more than 300 autonomous assemblies in 18 countries around the world and whose members extensively engage with the wider community on a daily basis.

Do the Plymouth Brethren break-up families?

No. The incidence of marriage break-up amongst the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church is fortunately very rare and well below societal norms.

Any breakdown of relationships within a family is always tragic and every effort is expended to prevent this occurring or to try and bring in reconciliation if it does.

Why is family so important to the PBCC?

The preservation and protection of the family unit is fundamental to the Brethren.

The conception of children is prized as a blessing from God (Psalm 127, verse 3). Children are loved and cared for as in any enlightened community.

The family is a principle set on by God and the Holy Bible is full of it from Genesis right through. It has been a binding force in the Western world where Christianity has prospered.

Do the Brethren only help the Brethren?

There is a strong and generous charitable spirit among Brethren, and this provides a constant source of help for those in need. This benevolence is all embracing and includes financial, social, pastoral, family and health assistance, and may involve guidance, training and ongoing support.

Brethren also support many outside charities, and have generously contributed to worthy causes.

Do PBCC members socialise with people outside of the Church?

We make a commitment to eat and drink in social fellowship only with those with whom we would celebrate the Lord’s Supper – that is the basis of our fellowship. This does not mean that we hold ourselves as superior to our fellow men, women and children. We live and work harmoniously alongside them, in the mainstream of society.

Our practice of separation does not preclude interaction in the broader community.

We help our neighbours and they help us. We care for and protect their property and they do ours.

We appreciate the good that we receive from many of our fellow citizens, and welcome the opportunity to fulfil our responsibility in the community. Our attitude is to do good to all, as opportunities arise.

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